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Give ALL your riders some peace of mind

Your users no longer need to stand up and press the button to request a stop on the bus at the risk of falling when it's moving. They can use their smartphone from their seat to ask for a stop.

You make their trip easier and offer them an inclusive solution. Stop Bus is accessible to all, including the 1,3 billion people with disabilities in the world.

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Improve the experience of your riders

In a crowded bus, your riders can quickly feel stressed or frustrated. And they can struggle reaching the stop button on the handrail. For those with vision disabilities, it's even more complicated because they first need to locate the button.
A remote stop button like Stop Bus makes the trip of all passengers easier with just one click. They request a stop from the comfort of their seats.

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Lise Wagner

What Lise, our accessibility expert, says

"For a blind or visually impaired person, it's always stressful to locate the stop button on a bus. The location of the buttons may vary , which makes them difficult to find, especially on a crowded bus. Being able to request a stop remotely from your seat with a smartphone app thanks to Stop Bus is truly a relief!"

What's Stop Bus?

Our solution is connected to the system for requesting a stop inside the bus. It's invisible for passengers.
From the comfort of their seat, visually impaired riders and all other types of riders activate Stop Bus with a free smartphone app.
Then an audible signal that sounds like a whistle confirms that their request has been taken into account.

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An easy-to-install solution on any bus


Why should you install Stop Bus, our remote stop button?

Make the lives of your passengers easier when on the bus. Choose an inclusive and easy-to-use solution for ALL riders.

No more stress to locate the stop button
Improved experience for all your passengers
Suitable for all situations of disabilities
Comfortable trip: no need to anticipate requesting for a stop
Compatible with all buses
Quick and easy-to-install

Want to improve the experience of ALL your riders
when on the bus?

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