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Install an audio beacon for people to better find your entrance

Before being able to enjoy your venue, a blind or visually impaired person first needs to locate its exact entrance.

Make a good impression right from the start and provide them with an audio beacon.

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How to locate a venue when you can't see?

A person with visual impairments can find the address of your venue using a GPS like everybody else. But locating the exact entrance is more complicated. They need to pass the last meters but the GPS isn't precise enough. They need an audio signage solution to find their way: an audio beacon set up above your entrance.

audio beacon
Lise Wagner

What Lise, our accessibility expert, says

"Not being able to perceive my environment makes me miss a lot of information. I can't know if I've passed a post office, a bank or a clothing shop. An audio beacon at the entrance of a venue enables me not only to identify it thanks to the broadcasted audio message but also to locate the door by relying on the source of the audio cues."

100% of success thanks to audio beacons

A study by the Institute of Vision in Paris, France showed that 100% of people with vision disabilities were able to locate the exact entrance of a building thanks to an audio beacon. Only 20% of them found it without any audio beacon.
It's a proven solution favored by blind and visually impaired people.

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Why should you choose our audio beacon?

You can't rely on visual contrast to be perceived as your entrance's landmark. It's not effective for blind and visually impaired people. They need a more completed solution, an audio signage solution. Our audio beacons provide them with landmarks and information. Today, audio beacons are the only efficient solution that help them find your building's entrance.

35,000 audio beacons deployed everywhere in France
Quality of use
Favored by blind and visually impaired users
Completes guide paths on the ground to better find your entrance

More than 35,000 audio beacons deployed in France


Frequently asked questions

Where should you install an audio beacon

Above your entrances for a start. Then, they can be useful above other points of interest to indicate the name of a subway platform, the entrance of a subway station, an outbuilding...

What messages should you set up in an audio beacon?

You can insert 3 messages.
We recommend you to set up in the first message the name of your venue and the location of the beacon.
Ex: "City hall, main entrance."
In the second one, we recommend you to give directions for visitors to enter the building.
Ex: "5 metres after crossing the threshold, an information desk is available at your 3:00 on your right, follow the guide paths."
And on the third one, you can indicate your opening hours.
Ex: "The city hall is open Mondays through Fridays, from 9am til 5pm."

How can visually impaired people activate our audio beacons?

In France, most of them already have a remote control they use to activate accessible pedestrian signals. They can also use the free app MyMoveo, available on iOS and Android. They can download it here.

How can I set up my audio beacons?

You can download the free app BlueEO here. Then, you'll be able to connect your audio beacon, set up the volume, change the messages and many other settings.

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