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Since the invention of accessible pedestrian signals in France, Okeenea is committed to improving the everyday lives of people with disabilities thanks to innovative accessibility solutions for public works, public transportation and buildings.

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public roads

Help visually impaired people cross the street

In 1993, we invented the accessible pedestrian signals that equip cities throughout France. Our solutions are reliable, innovative and connected.

350,000 APS deployed in France
Easy-to-set up
High audio quality
Guiding sound corridor
On demand activation with a remote control or a smartphone app
Dedicated customer service
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public transportation

Make the trips of riders with disabilities easier

In 1995, we invented the audio beacon that equips the largest public transit networks.
We keep innovating to provide easy-to-deploy and comfortable solutions for all riders.

30 years of experience in accessibility
35,000 audio beacons deployed
Remote stop button on the bus with a smartphone
Wayfinding app
Conception with people with disabilities
Solutions favored by users
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Make people with disabilities feel welcome at your buildings

Since 1998, we've made more than 12,400 buildings accessible in France. Every day, we focus on making buildings more welcoming and confortable thanks to physical and digital solutions.

+ 890 km of tactile paths
First inclusive wayfinding app
3 offices in France
Team of accessibility experts
Knowledge of regulations and standards
Adaptibility to operating obligations
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They trust us

Solutions that change the lives of people with disabilities

Since 1993, with the invention of accessible pedestrian signals, until today with the first inclusive wayfinding app, we've always conceived our solutions with people with disabilities.

red pedestrian signal

Accessibility has to be free for users

Being able to go anywhere we want and when we want is a right. And that's thanks to accessibility that people with disabilities can be free in their everyday trips.
We're convinced that no one should have to pay for their freedom to get around with more autonomy.
We don't want for them to pay for smart glasses, smart canes or bracelets to simply do what's in their given right: getting around in their city.

More than 15,000 clients have been trusting us

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They trust us

Everything was done in the state of the art

The company undertook the works in record time. Everything was done in the state of the art, and I must admit, it was all very clean. I wished all my building sites of the summer had gone that well!

Guy Olagnon
Lyon 1 University, France
Logo Lyon

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