Help visually impaired people better find the crossing

Accessible pedestrian signals aren't only about conveying WALK or DON'T WALK signals. Our APS enables blind and visually impaired pedestrians to easily locate the crosswalk.

That's how they can cross the street with complete autonomy. So make sure to improve their crossing with accessible pedestrian signals that meet their needs.


Provide blind and visually impaired pedestrians with a reliable landmark

To cross the street, you first need to reach the beginning of the crosswalk. This can be difficult for a visually impaired person. But by remotely activating accessible pedestrian signals, they can find their bearings thanks to their audio message and locate the tactile paving set up in front of the crosswalk.
They represent a landmark for them. No more stress, they know they can rely on an effective solution.

two aBeacon

What is aBeacon?

aBeacon is an innovative and more connected accessible pedestrian signal. It helps people with vision disabilities cross the street. Its audible cues give them information about the pedestrian phase like regular APS.
But it provides on demand and remote activation so that visually impaired pedestrians can activate it when they're near the crosswalk. No need to ask other pedestrians where the crosswalk is located.
Our APS can be activated with a remote control or with a free smartphone app.

More than 300,000 APS installed in France


Why should you install aBeacon?

You have the opportunity to improve the lives of blind and visually impaired pedestrians.
This accessible pedestrian signal represents what's best in innovation and accessibility.

Remote activation
Limited noise pollution
Sound corridor
Easy-to-set up

Ready to help visually impaired pedestrians cross the street with more serenity?

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